Due to the fact that there are communicable diseases between animal species, for the safety of our animals, we operate as follows:

  • No boots or shoes worn at other farms or zoos within 48hrs.
  • We have a boot bath available should visitors not have alternative farm-appropriate shoes/boots.
  • We ask that you disinfect your hands before handling the alpacas.
  • We request that you not wear the same clothes that have been worn while working with cattle, as there are serious diseases/parasites that may be transmitted by them.

We are a closed farm in that no new animals have come on the farm in the past 2 Years. That being said, any animals that go out or come in for breeding are placed in quarantine for 2 weeks — Same goes for animals that go to shows where other animals might be in attendance.

*Please note that any guests who refuse to abide by our biosecurity protocols will not be permitted into areas of the farm where our animals live.