Interspecies Communication


About the class

In the workshop you’ll learn the basic theories of animal communication, otherwise known as interspecies communication, providing you with the foundation level of communication with animals. Help you learn to quiet your mind and trust, so even if you think you can’t do this you’ll experience specifically designed exercises to help release doubt and progress.  You’ll be able to develop simple tools and techniques and go on to practice communicating with your own animal’s at home and those of your friends.

We will address the following:

-Explanation of the what, why and how of animal communication

-Exploration of how you will receive information from animals

-Exercises on how to relax the body and mind

-Cover Auras, Chakras and Meridians and more

-Learn how to sense energy

-Meditation to strengthen the right brain hemisphere to intuition

-Learn how to ‘listen’ with the heart using the Heart-to-Heart technique

-Send and receive information telepathically

-Communicate with animals who are present ‘face to face’

-Practice communicating distantly with an animal using a photo

-Receive answers about your animal from another student

-And practice, practice, practice even with animals in spirit

-Practice in pairs with another attendees animals via photographs.

-Receive guidance and encouragement, feedback and verification

Also get an introduction to Animal Energy Medicine and learn some techniques that you can start utilizing right away with your precious animals as well as some for yourself.

A manual with all of the info covered will also be provided as well as ongoing support.

About Lee

Hello. My name is Lee Andries.

I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher and offer “Heart to Heart Reiki” for both two and four legged people and animals. Along with that I also offer “Interspecies Communication” and “Animal Energy Medicine”.

I have been a Reiki Master Teacher and Animal Communicator and for many years and have studied with world renowned teachers here in Canada as well as in the US and the UK. I am driven to use my skills and experience to help people who are interested in deepening their connection with their animal companions.

Reiki and Animal Energy Medicine can help a sick animal to feel more comfortable and can promote self-healing. Animal communication can help to understand the perspective of the animal in relation to situations that are happening in their life and where they feel they are experiencing discomfort if they are sick or injured.

As a respectful animal lover all of these modalities are interesting to learn and practice.  I enjoy passing on the many things that I have studied to those that are interested and hope to whet the appetites of fellow animal people to open their hearts and minds to all of the possibilities of investigating and learning some of these skills.

Along with the aforementioned modalities I am also a Reconnective Healing practitioner, Certified Angel Card Reader and have studied many more interesting skills.  I believe in learning and understanding and sharing the many different opinions gleaned from all of the many talented teachers I have studied from and with.