Making The Most Of Your Harvest

Places Available: 10

Ever wondered what happens to all that fleece between shearing and finished products? Our newest 2 part class will take any new or aspiring alpaca farmers, fibre arts enthusiasts, or anyone just wanting to learn through the process of shearing and preparing fleeces for milling, with end products in mind.

This class will take you through the steps we practice of using every part of our fleeces, minimizing waste and maximizing profit. This will not only help boost the variety of products in your store, it allows for older animals or animals without all of the best fibre stats to be just as useful as any other on the farm.



Part 1

Price: Free

Date: May 26th and 27th

Time: 10:00-4:00

Any students interested in the process of shearing are invited to our Shearing Day Demonstration to watch the harvesting and initial skirting process. As our shearing event is open to the public, there is no charge for this half of the class.


Part 2

Price: $50 at the door OR $25 deposit to secure your place.

Date: June 23rd, July 7th

Time: 10:30-3:30

This part of the class will cover the basics of sorting, skirting, cleaning, and quick evaluation of the fleece. Students will learn the reasons we group fibres and how to separate them  based on lengths of fibre with a projected end product in mind.. All students will have hands-on experience, with adequate time to ask questions as they compare different fleeces.


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