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Terms and Conditions

    • All adoptions are non-refundable. In the event that an adopted alpaca should become unavailable, all adopters of this alpaca will be notified, and alternate alpacas offered for the remainder of the adoption period.
    • All visitors must sign a waiver before entering any area inhabited by our animals.
    • Adopted alpacas may not leave the farm with adopters. Certain alpacas are available for walks around designated areas of the farm, and may not be removed from the property.
    •  Visitors must be accompanied by a member of farm staff when visiting their adopted alpaca.
    • Visitors must abide by our biosecurity protocols. Adopters who refuse to comply with these protocols will not be allowed into areas inhabited by our animals.
    • Any adopter eligible for alpaca trekking/walking must undergo instruction on the proper way to handle and lead their alpaca prior to any trek/walk around designated walking areas.
    • As this is a working farm, all visits must take place either during store hours or at an appointed date and time. Please ensure all children are under supervision at all times, this is for their safety as well as that of our animals.
    • Adopted alpacas may only be walked by adopters age 11 and over. Adopters under 11 years of age may only walk an alpaca if an adult is holding the lead.
    • Old Mill Alpacas reserves the right to end an alpaca trek/walk or visit if we deem conditions unsafe (ex. alpaca stressed, weather change, adopter unable to follow instruction)
  • Only alpacas listed as “Halter trained” are available for walking/trekking. Alpacas listed as “Available for halter training” may undergo training with their adopter(s) until they are ready for longer walks.

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